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Loop Among The Nation's Most Exclusive Zip Codes

Loop Among The Nation's Most Exclusive Zip Codes

According to a new analysis, Chicago's Loop is one of the nation's most exclusive housing markets.

The analysis, from HomeUnion, notes that the area's median household income of just under $100,000 places it in the 75th percentile, one of the most luxurious area's in the whole country. The average rent for the area is $2,200 a month.

“Our list of the high-priced neighborhoods and submarkets for renters-by-choice indicates an ongoing shift in preferences among an affluent portion of the U.S. population,” said Steve Hovland, the director of research for HomeUnion. “An increasing number of people are renters-by-choice, opting to live within walking distance or a short commute of their office building, workplace, university, community services, or nightlife.”

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