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Janet Seehausen Client Testimonials

Janet Seehausen Client Testimonials
"I was very pleased with Janet’s services. She was excellent locating the rental unit I needed in a short time frame. She assessed my needs thoroughly, listening and acting so quickly to find a place I would love. She is very professional, an excellent listener and Quick to act” -- Esin G.
"Purchasing a new condo can be difficult, especially when you are 1,500 miles away. Janet made the entire process easy. She personally met inspectors and lawyers for us, and insured all necessary paperwork was completed in a timely fashion. I doubt you could find a more reliable, responsive and trustworthy REALTOR in the Chicago area. We trust her so much - our first in-person visit was on the date of closing!" --  Gregg W.
"As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated that Janet was very patient with me and helped me understand each aspect of the process. She never pressured me to into any particular apartment, or suggest we make an offer I could not afford. As a result, I ended up with a condo I am totally happy with at a great price." -- Alex S.
"It was very easy to work with Janet.  She is experienced, professional, knowledgeable, calm, always available and came up with solutions to problems. I had every confidence in Janet, so that when I was called away because of a family emergency, Janet handled everything successfully in my absence." -- Cathy M.