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Ksenia Yankilaytes Client Testimonials

Ksenia Yankilaytes Client Testimonials
“When I was in the market for a new place to live, I needed to find something very quick (one week notice), within my budget, and close to my job.  Ksenia was able to meet with me and was very accommodating to my schedule. Not only did she show me several options, but they all were aligned with  what I was looking for. I 100% plan to work with her again when my current lease ends.” -- Melissa C.
"Ksenia was very kind, helpful and professional, looking for an apartment with her was an enjoyable experience. I signed the lease within very short period. She is an excellent agent and I would use her always in the future." -- Wassim E.
"I would highly recommend anybody who's looking for a skilled broker to work with Ksenia. Urban is the place to find the utmost professional real estate brokers." -- Ambie G.
"Ksenia was a great agent.  She was always very cheerful and responsive to my questions, and is  very resourceful and experienced. I really appreciated her supreme services. She handled all matters, and made the whole process a smooth and pleasant one." -- Sharon C.