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Matt Silver: Speaking Up for the Voiceless

Matt Silver: Speaking Up for the Voiceless

The recent feature in Chicago Real Producers Magazine highlights Matt Silver, partner and senior broker at Corcoran Urban Real Estate. Growing up with a strong influence from his parents, who emphasized respect for everyone, Matt became a REALTORⓇ driven by a passion for advocating for the marginalized.

Currently serving as the president of Illinois REALTORSⓇ, Matt is dedicated to protecting property rights and advancing the real estate profession. He expresses a desire to be an ally for the less fortunate, aiming for their visibility and flourishing. Matt's upbringing in Skokie, IL, and the impactful teachings of his parents, especially his father's positive outlook, shaped his values and approach to life.

Having initially pursued a career in the service industry, Matt transitioned to real estate for its flexibility. Throughout his real estate journey, Matt has been influenced by mentors like Jim Kinney, emphasizing ethics, transparency, and giving back to the community.

Active in leadership roles with various real estate and community organizations, including the Chicago Association of REALTORSⓇ and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Matt strives to be an ambassador for those without a voice. He is passionate about providing excellent representation for everyone in real estate, regardless of their financial status.

Despite personal challenges, Matt emphasizes the importance of family and personal relationships. Family traditions, like Sunday dinners, remain integral to his life. Looking ahead, Matt plans to continue his volunteering efforts, adding value to under-represented groups in his community.

In conclusion, Matt credits his upbringing and life experiences as the foundation for his compassionate and listening-oriented leadership style. He sees every REALTORⓇ as a person with a caring heart, and his role in leadership is an opportunity to empower others to be seen and heard in the community.


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